Want to optimize your sales job search and work with a sales recruiter who puts your career goals above earning a commission?

For more than 13 years, Target Consulting has helped sales professionals like you advance their careers. All our sales recruiters have extensive experience in competitive sales, so we understand the sales job search process, what makes an opportunity attractive, and what it takes to succeed in a results-driven environment. We use our experience to find the right job opportunities for you, guide you through the interview process, and secure the benefits you want.

Why work with us

With Target Consulting, you get all the advantages of working with a sales recruiter who cares about your goals and helps you achieve them. Benefits include:

  • We offer access to insider job openings known only to us through our strong relationships with our nationwide network of sales contacts.
  • Your sales job search is completely confidential and our consultants¬†always work with the utmost discretion.
  • We give you the coaching to expertly navigate through the interview process to obtain your dream sales career.
  • Our services are free to all candidates and working with us saves you the time and energy to conduct your own sales job search.